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Jain “Come”

Jain is one of the most exciting new artists I’ve heard in a while. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter has an extraordinarily multi-cultural upbringing under her belt; she’s lived in Dubai, The Republic of Congo, Abu Dhabi, and currently resides in France. Not surprisingly, you can hear all of these flavorful, diverse influences peppered throughout her debut album Zanaka. Jain’s life-long obsession with drums/beats is especially showcased in the infectious single “Come.” One listen, and you’ll find that her unique vocal style and phrasing mixed with her rhythmic aptitude catapults her clear out of the typical female pop-singer crowd…and I love that!

Theo Lawrence & The Hearts “Heaven To Me”

I couldn’t believe my ears when I read that the fellow singing this song is a 20 year old from France! Theo’s voice is classic and the groove is timeless (think Paolo Nutini meets a modern day Sam Cooke).

“Heaven To Me” will improve your mood tenfold and have you dancing in no time.