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Emma Louise “Talk Baby,” “Underflow,” “West Side Kids”

I’ve been following the exceptionally talented Emma Louise for four years. I saw her captivate an audience at the crumbiest venue at SxSW 2013 and was convinced then and there that she’d make a massive splash. The three lead tracks off her upcoming release Supercry are further evidence of that. She has grown into her voice. It’s a powerhouse yet still laser-fine enough to cut glass. These three tracks bring the velvet hammer down in entirely new ways. “Underflow” breaks your heart in all the right places at just the right times – it physically pulls you in. Everything her voice does, you feel. “Talk Baby” is a sultry, hypnotic, bad girl anthem that is as delicate as it is fiery and sexy. “West Side Kids” reminisces in a bittersweet stroll through relationship nostalgia.
Something else to note: her videos for both “Talk Baby” and “Underflow” are next level. Dylan Duclos, the man behind the videos, should be lauded for his flawless visual accompaniment for such heavy, beautiful music. Claps all around. Emma Louise’s July 15th release cannot come soon enough!

Woodlock “The Garden”

Here’s a moody, captivating track from the Aussie trio Woodlock. I like how subtle this tune seems to be at first listen, yet after each spin, you start to pick up on all of the gorgeous ambience and melodic growth hidden behind every twist and turn. There’s a certain backbone and mystique to Zech & Eze’s voices that leads me to believe this group has the potential to make a serious impact.

Little May “Hide”

Can’t stop listening to this haunting track by the Australian lady-trio Little May. They quickly command your attention with the abrupt guitar shifts and then totally nail it with the chilling “Oohs.”

It’s a bit like Emma Louise + First Aid Kit – pretty much complete heaven.

Vance Joy “Riptide” & “From Afar”

This was a tough one. Despite how many times I’ve listened to this Vance Joy EP, I haven’t been able to pick a true favorite to share. Each song is so beautifully crafted – Vance has literally not wasted one second on filler content. It’s this very “seize the moment” attitude that captures the spirit of his music.

To make it easier, I chose the two songs that he opted to release as singles, “Riptide” and “From Afar.” “Riptide” is an immediately catchy folk-pop song, complete with howl-like “oohhs” (which everyone likes), a propulsive beat, and Michelle Pfeiffer mention (ha). I’m pretty sure there’s also a djembe in this song – a personal favorite.

“From Afar” is a slow-building gem of a tune. Right around the three minute mark, the song goes from good to great. And not even :30 seconds later, great to excellent, when Vance lets go and repeats, “It shouldn’t come as a surprise – what I’m feeling, what I’m feeling now”.

Listen to the Melbourne native’s entire God Loves You When You’re Dancing EP here and you’ll get what I’m saying.

Tin Sparrow “The Boat”

This Australian indie-folk quartet has been on my radar since last summer. They put out this absolutely wistful track, “The Boat” that blasted from my speakers for a good six months before I had to peel myself away from it. They don’t have a full length album out still, which is disappointing – just two EPs. All of their music has a distant, longing tinge to it. Very dense, full music embellished with simple nuances (keys, slide guitar etc…) that strike your senses within the wall of sound.

The Rubens “Lay It Down”

This sultry number is brought to you by a group of Aussies who call themselves The Rubens. It’s a thick track with fuzzy, blues-influenced guitar tones and a croon that will send your eyes into the back of your head. Don’t be surprised if your body starts moving involuntarily.

These guys have an unbelievable album coming out next month. Get ready!