ON AN ON “Ghosts”

This mysterious tune falls under the “on repeat” category. Something about the intense, pent-up passion perfectly captured by the controlled, deliberate instrumentation sucked me in immediately.
It is quiet and loud at the same time. There is so much burning restraint seeping through every second of this song it’s unsettling.
It borders the land of fuzzy indie boredom, but then the ooo’s come in and seriously just that touch of melody transforms this song into a beautiful new dimension. For a song to keep that haunting and somewhat stagnant feeling, but still actually GO somewhere – that’s magnificent. Chilling beauty in the empty spaces.

Just found out these guys are former members of the band Scattered Trees. This makes sense; however, ON AN ON  (even just based on the only song they have out) takes the cake. Looks like they will be in Nashville on Sept. 28th…

The Staves Mexico EP

I have determined that these three British sisters descended from the clouds. They are pitch perfect with delicate, floating harmonies – simply angelic. They have an album coming out October 22nd (produced by Glyn and Ethan Johns – what!?) that should effectively remove the air from our lungs. Sweet, sweet music just in time for the winter months ahead!

Zulu Winter “Bitter Moon”

The beginning of this song feels like the birth of a revelation. There is almost a shimmering quality that draws you in and gives it this grand effect. Right when those cymbals crash, you’ll be sold. This song, actually, this band is extremely inventive, but not in a way that fans can’t connect to. I love how significant the tambourine is in this song. Wooo tambourine!

The Rubens “Lay It Down”

This sultry number is brought to you by a group of Aussies who call themselves The Rubens. It’s a thick track with fuzzy, blues-influenced guitar tones and a croon that will send your eyes into the back of your head. Don’t be surprised if your body starts moving involuntarily.

These guys have an unbelievable album coming out next month. Get ready!

Dan Croll “From Nowhere”

I have nothing but great things to say about this fellow. It is highly possible that I have told everyone with whom I have recently engaged in conversation about this Dan Croll.  I am truly excited for his album release on Sept. 17th. You should be too. At least you will be after you hear the beat he drops in “From Nowhere”…

He has a fabulous web presence for those of you out there looking for ideas on what to do if you have yet to release an album (or are ashamed of previous recordings). It is clean and beautiful. Check it out here.

The videos on his site are a slight departure from his electro-funk “From Nowhere” track above, but equally as engaging. That is a very good sign, Dan. A good sign indeed!

Bear’s Den “Stubborn Beast”

These guys are killin’ me. I saw them at a Communion Records show at the Basement in Nashville many a moon ago and tried to stuff dollar bills down their pockets in exchange for music, but alas, nothing. Eight or ten months later, still nothing – well except for a defunct soundcloud embed on their not helpful website filled with European dates I long to attend. So I bring you practically the only thing out there. You’ll have to take my word that these guys are phenomenal and one day (one day) they will make their grand debut and blow us all away. For now, “Stubborn Beast” will wrap you up and tug on your heart strings. No need to pay attention to the random barnyard animals, or Ben Lovett from Mumford just strummin’ along on the ukulele.

Update: the video is no longer available, but the full length is out on Spotify. Enjoy!


This little tune (or “Mtn Tune” shall I say?) has been in my brain for weeks now. It’s a beautiful indie pop track that will surely wrap you around it’s figurative fingers. Enjoy!

Oh crap! Forgot to mention that they cover my favorite Ghost Beach song “Miracle” (SO GOOD)! And they do so fantastically…partially in Spanish! Catch both the original Ghost Beach version and the slow trop-pop rendition by TRAILS AND WAYS