Category: neo-soul

Theo Lawrence & The Hearts “Heaven To Me”

I couldn’t believe my ears when I read that the fellow singing this song is a 20 year old from France! Theo’s voice is classic and the groove is timeless (think Paolo Nutini meets a modern day Sam Cooke).

“Heaven To Me” will improve your mood tenfold and have you dancing in no time.

Seramic “People Say”

There is very little out there about the mysterious (UK-based?) band Seramic. I love the gospel vibes of this track, complete with choral call and response. Hopefully they will release more music soon, but in the meantime, snuggle up to this warm blanket of a tune!

Breakbot ft. Irfane “Baby, I’m Yours” & Tuxedo “Do It”

In light of the new Daft Punk single, I figure it’s appropriate to point out that funk (perhaps I should say neo-soul) is most definitely re-entering the pop scene. Not a full-on takeover, mind you, but more like a slow, sneak attack. I have heard several tracks over the past few months that carry some undeniably funky beats — Breakbot and Tuxedo being prime examples. And I should warn that these songs are NSFW: upon listening, you will likely break out into a shimmy-dance of sorts.