This blog is a long time coming.

The number of people who have pushed me to do this through the years must range in the hundreds now. Truth be told, I have purposefully avoided the blogosphere for many reasons, the main ones being self-absorption and time. I am not one who enjoys any sort of spotlight, whatever the kind. And who knows where I will find the bandwidth to make this work…

Why now? Well, I’m tired of  people bothering me about it for one (the war of attrition worked, congratulations if you participated). More importantly, I work in the music business and am a firm believer that great music surrounds us at all times. There is such an overwhelming number of avenues for our musical intake and discovery these days that most listeners are understandably left empty-handed. It takes patience and effort to dig through it all. And I happen to really enjoy that process. Few things give me more pleasure than introducing someone to their future new favorite band or song.

To keep it short and sweet, this is a music blog for all types of listeners, not the usual weed-through-a-zillion-reverby-oh-so-indie-tracks-and-maybe-find-one-good-one kind of blog. Not that I have anything against reverb (I actually really like it), but I think those of you who are plugged into the music blog scene know what I mean. Everything I post will be accessible. I am not a musician. I simply love music and seem to have a sharp ear that people trust.

I devour new music daily and provide a curated dose of what’s good out there.


A special thanks to Jeffrey Horne. You made this happen. Thank you.


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