Month: October, 2014

Fierce Bad Rabbit “Do You Want Me Now?”

Another catchy, fun tune for your ears this weekend! This quartet out of Fort Collins, Colorado delivers upbeat, alt/folk tunes with just the right amount of rock sensibility. “Do You Want Me Now” is a total stand out track. I adore the lovely viola accentuating the melody and Chris Anderson’s occasional barks à la Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse. This song will keep you bouncing in its wake.

Flyte “Light Me Up”

I can’t stop listening to this extremely cheerful track from the UK-based quartet Flyte. Not much information is available on the band at this point, but I can tell you they are headlining a bunch of UK dates through November. All I know is that it’s damn near impossible to not tap your foot, bob your head, crack a smile, break into dance, or all of the above while listening to this song!

Black Honey “The Taste”

Another killer British band I’ve been watching closely has delivered a walloping 2:18 minute smash. I know virtually nothing about Black Honey except that they only have three demos out and all of them absolutely rock. I love the sultry darkness of the frontwoman’s vocals and the crashing guitars at the very beginning of “The Taste.” Listen to (and love) the other two demos here. Nothing more to report – have a listen or ten and enjoy!