Leo Stannard “Please Don’t,” “Why Don’t We,” and “Eliza”

Step aside all other British early-20-somethings with incredible musical sensibility, Leo Stannard (19 to be precise) has entered the scene. He croons with the rasp of Paolo Nutini, hits notes as high as Justin Vernon, yet still fits comfortably in the same space as our beloved Ben Howard. It was incredibly difficult to choose just three of his songs – they are all truly excellent. I adore the undeniable warmth of the horns in “Why Don’t We,” and can’t help but completely melt into the melody and his range in “Eliza.” “Please Don’t” shows off the intricacies of his guitar picking prowess and his peerless sense of timing.

Europe, be on the look out for his debut EP next month! And for us Americans… well, hopefully we will get a piece of Leo before too long!