Month: August, 2014

Arkells “Leather Jacket”

Loving these pop-rockers from Canada! If you are looking for a fun, upbeat album to get you through the final stretch of summer, look no further. The Arkells’ latest release High Noon is a melodic, piano-driven ball of energy with lots of lovely little nods to a mélange of artists (depending on the song) ranging from Frank Turner, U2, Third Eye Blind, and even to Asbury Park-era Springsteen. There’s something for everyone here. As an unabashed lover of undeniable hooks and well-calculated buildups, I give you my favorite track, “Leather Jacket.” This will be on repeat for the rest of the summer.
Also, gotta love the hilarious pay phone comment at around 3:44 …

Mid Ayr “My Mayhem”

This is one of those songs that gets better and better with each listen. All of the sudden, you are five listens deep and you realize you’re hooked. Mid Ayr is fronted by Brisbane-based Hugh Middleton, known more notably for his work as The Trouble With Templeton’s lead guitarist. I love the mellow, casual flow of this track, loose acoustic guitar, hand claps, and crowd singing included…

Woodlock “The Garden”

Here’s a moody, captivating track from the Aussie trio Woodlock. I like how subtle this tune seems to be at first listen, yet after each spin, you start to pick up on all of the gorgeous ambience and melodic growth hidden behind every twist and turn. There’s a certain backbone and mystique to Zech & Eze’s voices that leads me to believe this group has the potential to make a serious impact.