Month: May, 2014

Yeo “KOBE”

As of late, I’ve struggled to listen to anything that sounds even remotely sugary. Perhaps the undeniable hook of Yeo’s “Kobe” carefully folded within the questionably EDM sounding drum machine/effects/synth wall of sound is strong enough to surpass the songs out there that clearly aim for similar, but end up spoiled with too much sweetness. There’s a majestic feel to the song right off the bat with the organ-sounding pounding chords – I can’t help but think of it as the perfect combo of Arcade Fire’s “Intervention” + Django Django’s “Default.” Yeo does well creating musical texture through layers without alienating the underlying melody. Expect a release from the Aussie at some point this year.

The Careful Ones “Easy Tiger” + JMR “Pioneer Of Your Heart”

This is the second single from The Careful Ones’ upcoming LP The Foxes and The Hounds. Lead singer JMR has a very evocative vocal delivery, much like my Icelandic fav Ásgeir, so naturally I am drawn to the moody tunes of The Careful Ones, who hail from Central Florida. If you like JMR’s voice, but dig a less traditional, more experimental, soulful approach, JMR has a self-titled solo project that The Careful Ones very avidly cross-promote. I recommend a listen of his song “Pioneer Of Your Heart.”