Month: February, 2014

SPEAK “Be Reasonable, Diane”

SPEAK is a four-piece art rock band out of the mighty state of Texas – Austin to be specific. I love the way this song moves through several stages of development and isn’t fully realized until the very end. It twists and turns and keeps you intrigued the entire time. Fingers crossed for an EP or full length in the near future!

Bear Hands “Bone Digger”

Bear Hands is a Brooklyn-based alt-rock band with just the right amount of punk to make everybody bounce. In case you missed “Giants,” the excellent first single off of the new album Distraction – never fear, I bring you “Bone Digger” just in time for album release day! “Bone Digger” stands out as a clear favorite. It grabs your attention right from the start with Dylan Rau’s sharply defined, insistent vocals and has a hook that lives with you for days. If you like the song, pick up the whole album…you’ll thank me later.