Month: October, 2013

Glass Animals “Psylla”

A slightly trippy new one from Glass Animals this week: David Bayley’s velvety vocals combined with the song’s gradual build makes this sensual track extremely addictive. The thick, yet muted beat in isolation serves as a proper backbone to the gorgeously minimalistic tune. Looking forward to the multi-national quartet’s album early next year and a hopefully a few US dates to follow.

Hozier “Take Me To Church”

I generally refrain from posting music videos because I fully believe that a song should be able to stand alone and garner attention minus the visual accompaniment, which (unfortunately) doesn’t always add anything extra. However, I opted to include it this time since the video has been the main topic of discussion — and controversy! — surrounding this up-and-coming Irish soul singer. Impressively, Hozier has succeeded in both elements with his gut-wrenching track.

Heavy English “21 Flights”

I urge you to rock out to this total jam from the New York indie band Heavy English. There is a strong Black Keys presence, but it definitely works to their advantage thanks to careful execution. And if this single is any indication of what the trio has in store (EP? Full length?) – sign me up.