Month: September, 2013

WE ARE TWIN “The Way We Touch”

I’ve been non-stop with this soul-infused pop track by WE ARE TWIN. I love the cleanly established beat + tambourine combo right from the get go. Gabi Christine’s warm, infectious vocals make it difficult not to sing along. The intricate instrumentation and production of the “The Way We Touch” keeps you engaged and sets the song apart from everything else in its genre.

Southern “World Don’t Shine”

Southern, the bluegrass-tinged, indie folk outfit from Belfast certainly carries the Civil Wars torch with confidence; however, I’d argue the brother/sister duo add a little more flair to the equation.
For starters, Southern spares us from the maudlin cooing of Williams/White. Then add the Irish touch + that magical, indefinable sibling dynamic and you’re off!

I quite like Thom’s near-yodel vocal moments and the dingy sounding guitar plucking. And just when you think you have them pegged the 2:09 mark hits and part two of the song unfolds in a mini-breakdown interlude.

Oh and good luck finding a harder band to Google…