Month: August, 2013

The Family Rain “Friction”

Somewhere between Free Energy and PEACE sits The Family Rain – and I’m all about that! This bumpin’ track by the British indie rock trio will surely secure a spot in your “final days of summer” playlist. I recommend all of their music (an EP and a few singles are out in their UK store/iTunes currently); however, those of you non-Europeans like myself will have to wait for a US release…unless you want to throw money down to ship some 7″s across the pond. Soundcloud for now!

Tiny Dragons “Canvas”

Kind of obsessed with this sultry rock track by the Brighton-based Tiny Dragons. The clarity of the guitar perfectly compliments the breathiness of Lizzie’s smokey vocals. It’s refreshing to hear a song with such distinct textures come together so smoothly. Total jam.

Ásgeir “King and Cross”

This guy has popped on my radar a few times now and I still haven’t a clue as to how to pronounce his delightfully Icelandic name. Though most of Ásgeir’s music I have heard leans toward the soporific, slow-burn side of the spectrum, “King and Cross” moves with significant spirit and a unique funkiness. I particularly appreciate how the track starts off like a typical acoustic guitar, singer/songwriter tune, only to 180 into a keyboard-centric, folk-pop groove.

Things seem to be well underway for Ásgeir (he earned the opening slot for Of Monsters And Men in Europe this summer), so I can assure we will see a ton of him state-side by the year’s end.

He has free acoustic EP (slightly softer) that you can pick up here.