Month: July, 2013

Thomas Dybdahl “But We Did”

My apologies in advance to those trying to build their summer music arsenal, this one won’t make the playlist. For the seasonally apathetic – get ready for the meditative excellence of Thomas Dybdahl.

This track executes exactly what Junip perfected atmospherically, while conjuring Bon Iver and the introspectiveness of fellow Norwegian counterparts Kings of Convenience. All that right there is enough to make the likes of me drool. Thankfully, a full length awaits this Sept. 16th.

For now, sit back, relax and enjoy the syrupy, sexy whispers of Mr. Dybdahl.

“stupid world.” & “the nude.” Denitia and Sene

Denitia and Sene: my quiet obsession no longer. The Brooklyn duo describe themselves as electro/r&b/minimal/pop, and quite truthfully, I couldn’t say it any better. This shit is downright cool. Each track on their new album his and hers. carries its own uniqueness and depth.

“stupid world.” stands out (to me) as the best. I love the jarring beginning and how it develops into a catchy, yet-somehow-still-cool group chant. Then you have “the nude.” – the sweet, sexy fan-favorite single thus far. So smooth. Even the hipsters can’t deny it.

Typhoon “Dreams of Cannibalism”

Although this is the first time Typhoon has graced my ears, these guys & gals have been at it for nearly a decade. I liken the undectet, aka 11-piece ensemble, to Beirut + Bear’s Den – a winning mixture if I do say so.

The song “Dreams of Cannibalism” arrests you with a majestic array of instrumentation and choral interludes – it’s like organized sensory assault. Typhoon clearly utilizes every one of their members. It doesn’t sound like one or two of the eleven are the awkward cousins that just run around in bear suits (not pointing fingers). I’m fascinated even by the empty spaces left quiet – they have a masterful way with pauses and shifts. And while I can’t begin to decipher the deeper technicalities of the song, the complexity of it is part of the draw, and certainly what makes it beautiful.