Month: May, 2013

Crystal Fighters “LA Calling” & “You & I”

I’ve been anxious for this album release for what feels like a year – and it is now upon us! These Spaniards have some serious gems and from the sound of the two tracks above, the new record boasts potential summer staple status.

Crystal Fighters consistently release music filled with personality, momentum and a wide array of (tropical sounding) instrumentation. The common thread? It always makes you want to dance. Crystal Fighters is one of those bands you can identify 2 seconds into any of their songs – pretty cool when you can accomplish that in a positive light, which I believe they have indeed.

Breakbot ft. Irfane “Baby, I’m Yours” & Tuxedo “Do It”

In light of the new Daft Punk single, I figure it’s appropriate to point out that funk (perhaps I should say neo-soul) is most definitely re-entering the pop scene. Not a full-on takeover, mind you, but more like a slow, sneak attack. I have heard several tracks over the past few months that carry some undeniably funky beats — Breakbot and Tuxedo being prime examples. And I should warn that these songs are NSFW: upon listening, you will likely break out into a shimmy-dance of sorts.

Little Comets “A Little Opus”

I’m about to barrage you all with music (it has been a while!) and this track by Little Comets starts the deluge off juuuust right. Its intricacies are endless — both musically and lyrically. Robert Coles’s striking vocals move you up and down with precision, and the syncopated claps perfectly accentuate those same key moments. I must admit, I’m rather obsessed with the sweet little guitar riffs as well.