Month: April, 2013

Jamie N Commons “Rumble And Sway”

So it turns out that though I thought everyone knew this guy, I was completely wrong. When I caught wind of Jamie N Commons a few months ago, for some reason I figured I was late to this one and decided not to write about him. Weeks and weeks later, I am still talking him up and no one seems to know who I’m referring to…and then I saw him perform.

Let me start by saying that I intentionally waited an extra week to write about Jamie because I really wasn’t sure homeboy could actually sing like this. I needed to see it to believe it. Sure enough, he can. Soul for days. Who even has a voice like this?? …this guy. I invite you to share my addiction to “Rumble And Sway” and see just how hard it is to burn this song out.

Junip “Line of Fire”

Junip is no secret to the world, I know, but I have been stewing on this new single for a little bit and absolutely MUST share it at this point. If “Line Of Fire” is any indication of what the new album sounds like, we are in top album of the year territory…

This track is aurally monumental. Moody and heavy enough to give it perfect substance, yet bright enough instrumentally to incite musical addiction. I’ve definitely listened to this track more times than I should admit.

I will never get enough of José González.