Month: January, 2013

Night Beds “Night Beds,” “Ramona,” “There Was Enough/Rest”

This is one of those bands that I have selfishly kept to myself for the better part of a year. I am not sure why. Strangely enough, everything I have heard, I’ve liked.

Winston Yellen, the Nashville-based vocalist behind Night Beds, very carefully takes you with him in his moody tellings. The three tracks above display a perfect cross-section of Night Beds’ smooth and lovely tunes.

The brief, eponymous track begins with a somewhat predictable singer/songwriter intro, but then shifts into a very unique drum machine oriented space. This is the track that put Night Beds on the map for me.

“Ramona” quickens the pace and serves as what I assume will be a staple song for Night Beds. It has the big, warm feel of a Ryan Adams song, yet it changes gears enough to remain original and distinctive.

“There Was Enough/Rest,” very deliberately last, but not least, highlights Yellen’s buttery vocal delivery and command of tempo. It’s one of those heavy tracks that ends up bringing you down with it, but it’s so beautiful that you don’t really mind. Yellen eventually convinces you not to worry whether you like it or not.

Looking forward to a full length next month!

American Authors “Believer”

I’m usually one to listen to solemn, brooding music in the wintertime, but I seriously couldn’t ignore this flamboyantly pure pop anthem by the Brooklyn-based quartet American Authors. By the second listen, dancing ensued.

American Authors’ sound fits comfortably between Julian Casablancas and Imagine Dragons (perhaps some Foster the People influence too?). The rougher vocal parts offset the highly-saccharated sing-along chorus, then add the omnipresent hand claps that, let’s face it, no one can escape these days and boom. Might as well lean into it…

This will surely improve your mood, day, week, destiny, whathaveyou.