Month: November, 2012

Bhi Bhiman “Guttersnipe”

Good heavens – this guy, this song! Where to begin? The moment “Guttersnipe” began I sensed it would be special. It launches in with the perfect head-nodding combo of steady, pleasant strumming complimented by a constant hushed beat. An eternal :33 seconds of anticipation builds before Bhi Bhiman (pronounced Bee Beeman) decides to draw us in with his poignant storytelling.

So you’re listening, listening, thinking “oh this is nice” when, BAM, he hits that high note and it’s game over: Bhi 1, listener 0, “your soul is mine” Mortal Kombat style. In other words, this song manages to strike your soul…but in the most calm, resolute way.

Most artists are capable of expressing passion with their voices; however, very, very few have the ability to express patience. Bhi nailed it.

The Rolling Stones “Doom and Gloom”

Ok, I am well aware that this post has nothing to do with breaking a new indie band or anything of the usual sort. But I can’t help it!

It’s challenging to focus on much else when one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands of all time releases a killer song…one that makes you “shake your money maker” just as hard as you would to one of their hits released decades ago.

The fact that The Rolling Stones wrote songs that are still being played, sung, discussed and danced to around the world today (and many years to come) is amazing enough; yet here they are, fifty years in (give or take) with a new release that absolutely rocks. That, right there, is called greatness.

The key to staying relevant? Make great art.

In The Valley Below “Peaches”

The first few bars of guitar in this song will make you ask if this is some sort of Collective Soul cover by Lana Del Rey. Sorry to say it is not (wouldn’t be surprised if that’s her next step), though I can guarantee you will get far better mileage out of this vibey track by In The Valley Below. The LA-based duo does a fine job of layering sounds with intricate nuances while still maintaining a completely subdued final product. The song definitely builds, but it does so very smoothly. Without a doubt, “Peaches” aims to preserve the cool; without a doubt, it succeeds.

Grizfolk “The Struggle”

I don’t think it’s possible to NOT like this track by Grizfolk (double negative intended). It’s mega catchy, but with a lot more character and toughness than the usual shamelessly hook-ridden song. And I must say, that makes me like it even more – lest we forget the amazing artwork that accompanies this jam.

I have a musical weakness for organ, so after just the first note my attention was locked and my interest piqued. From what I gather, Grizfolk is ‘fresh out the kitchen’ with no other music to offer or even a splash page to get their 180 Facebook fans excited for what’s next (whatever that may be). Here’s the thing: if there is more goodness where this came from, my money’s on these guys.

Mansions on the Moon “Leaves Fall”

More often than not, I have to chew on a song for a couple of weeks before deciding to post it. “Leaves Fall” by Mansions on the Moon, with its ethereal, synthy-electro vibe, has grown on me this past month. Perhaps the season makes this breathy tune fit like your warmest sweater freshly pulled from the cedar chest. All I know is it’s gorgeous and I find myself mentally checking out and floating away every listen.