Jain “Come”

Jain is one of the most exciting new artists I’ve heard in a while. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter has an extraordinarily multi-cultural upbringing under her belt; she’s lived in Dubai, The Republic of Congo, Abu Dhabi, and currently resides in France. Not surprisingly, you can hear all of these flavorful, diverse influences peppered throughout her debut album Zanaka. Jain’s life-long obsession with drums/beats is especially showcased in the infectious single “Come.” One listen, and you’ll find that her unique vocal style and phrasing mixed with her rhythmic aptitude catapults her clear out of the typical female pop-singer crowd…and I love that!

The Orwells “They Put A Body In The Bayou”

Like a fine wine improves with time, I’ve grown fonder and fonder of these guys through the years.
A band comprised of two cousins and two brothers out of Elmhurst, IL, The Orwells have become critical rock darlings in my world. Look no further than this headbanger of a track “They Put A Body In The Bayou” and tell me your mom isn’t bouncing her knee. If you like the raw rock ‘n’ roll vibes you hear, check out their new full-length Terrible Human Beings, hot off the press!

Young in the City “Annie”

Noah Gundersen’s side project Young In The City is everything you would hope it would be: true to his heavy-handed lyrics, but with a new sonic stamp that pushes the envelope without sounding outlandish. “Annie” is a perfect nod to the singer-songwriter’s roots woven together with fresh texture and tone. Let the saxophone nostalgically whisk you away…

Ruston Kelly “Black Magic”

Somewhere between Ryan Adams and Noah Gunderson lies the brilliant Ruston Kelly – and what a beautiful place to be. He delivers the one-two punch of gorgeous pop-lilting melody coupled with gut-wrenching lyrics that leave your throat dry. The entire album Halloween is fantastic, but if you only have a a few minutes, listen to “Black Magic.” You’ll be hooked the minute he croons, “…where I sold my hallelujah when I laid my soul in you.”

Theo Lawrence & The Hearts “Heaven To Me”

I couldn’t believe my ears when I read that the fellow singing this song is a 20 year old from France! Theo’s voice is classic and the groove is timeless (think Paolo Nutini meets a modern day Sam Cooke).

“Heaven To Me” will improve your mood tenfold and have you dancing in no time.

Emma Louise “Talk Baby,” “Underflow,” “West Side Kids”

I’ve been following the exceptionally talented Emma Louise for four years. I saw her captivate an audience at the crumbiest venue at SxSW 2013 and was convinced then and there that she’d make a massive splash. The three lead tracks off her upcoming release Supercry are further evidence of that. She has grown into her voice. It’s a powerhouse yet still laser-fine enough to cut glass. These three tracks bring the velvet hammer down in entirely new ways. “Underflow” breaks your heart in all the right places at just the right times – it physically pulls you in. Everything her voice does, you feel. “Talk Baby” is a sultry, hypnotic, bad girl anthem that is as delicate as it is fiery and sexy. “West Side Kids” reminisces in a bittersweet stroll through relationship nostalgia.
Something else to note: her videos for both “Talk Baby” and “Underflow” are next level. Dylan Duclos, the man behind the videos, should be lauded for his flawless visual accompaniment for such heavy, beautiful music. Claps all around. Emma Louise’s July 15th release cannot come soon enough!

Maggie Rogers “Alaska”

Though the banjo doesn’t typically lend itself to the mellow, lilting sounds of gentle vocals and soothing melodies, Maggie Rogers has found a way to accomplish just that. Her work is vastly inspired by dance music and sounds found in nature – a combination which marries inherently rhythmic beats to flowing, striking sonic qualities. The three standout tracks from her former Bandcamp release Bloody Ballet (now removed from the internet) are “Resonant Body,” “James,” and “Drift.” The current and quite remarkable new single “Alaska” is available to stream and download now.

Ten Tonnes “Lucy”

I love the fun, raw energy from Ten Tonnes singer-songwriter Ethan Barnett. Hailing from Hertford in the U.K., Ethan has recently released a 3-song EP with “Lucy” as the showstopper. Its infectious-yet-quirky style will keep your head bobbing through the summer.

Christof “You Left It Too Long”

I’m very excited about the new single “You Left It Too Long” from Dutch singer-songwriter Christof. I’m obsessed with the groove of this tune and the fantastic clarity of Christof’s vocal delivery. He opened for Bear’s Den on their last U.S. tour and I’ve followed him ever since. His new EP “Montreal” comes out May 27th and if this single is any indication as to how the rest of it sounds, I’m in!